So what, I like Christmas lights

I like Christmas lights. They’re festive. They don’t have to be just for the holidays (I mean, a couple of black lights, a stray road sign or three and some strings of Christmas lights can turn any dorm room into a party).

And they remind me of miniature versions of city skylines at night—and I’m a sucker for skylines at night. Something about all that wired shimmery light.

Back when we were first dating, Stef and I used to drive around during the holidays eating KFC mashed potatoes and looking at the Christmas lights. Sometimes we saw some extraordinary work. More often than not we saw some tacky hackjob shit.

Admittedly I’m hyper-picky. If you’re going to do Christmas (holiday) lights, you’ve got to do it right. That means not too much, not too little, and some sort of evidence of an aesthetic decision or two.

What I don’t like: blue lights, multi-colored lights, twinkling lights, oversized lights, “icicles,” design chaos, plastic figures (including but not limited to Santas, Frostys, Mangers, Baby Jesus, sleighs pulled by reindeer, Disney characters, candy canes, North Poles), any blow-up decorations (they’re big, tacky, and look like deflated balloons during the day).

What’s wrong with a few well-placed strings of single colors on some accent trees in the yard.

Or you could go with . . .

(photo pirated from some blog-thingy)


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