Post Where I Explain a Few Things

So, when I originally wrote the intro/bio of myself (one of myselves) during blog-web-conception I was reminded of some self-flaws that I particularly like.

I like to try my thoughts out loud.

I like to use words meaning “never” / “forever” while trying out those thoughts, meaning I’m prone to making knee-jerk statements that are tough to rescind.

I like the conflict of opposites.

I tend to recoil (instinctively or not) from things I’m supposed to like (never liked to take
my medicine I guess).

To Explain:

Bones over Henry – this is a no-brainer, if you ask me. The second or third of the split personalities is always more interesting. Plus his name is Bones.

Coke over Pepsi – an age old demarcation line right up there with Mason/Dixon, Hatfield/McCoy, Cat/Dog, Catholic/Protestant. Everyone cares, everyone has an opinion. Those who say they don’t probably prefer RC.

Koch over Lowell – I’m not going to make tons of friends with this one. Not only is Kenneth Koch a superior poet to Cal, I’d much rather have hung with him at a cocktail party. He’s funnier, not outwardly psychotic, doesn’t take himself too seriously. Look, I know Robert Lowell is a Godfather, and he’s good medicine. I can appreciate that. Very important. Great poet, coined confessional, blah blah etc. I get it. But Koch wrote “A serious moment for the match / is when it burst into flame . . .” and the poem it comes from (all of Koch’s best poems really) is brilliant & funny & aware of its earnestness all at the same time.

Spicoli over Damone – This one was more for the sound—it’s always better to sacrifice truth for music—Spicoli echoes Coke AND Pepsi, and Damone helps keep that long “o” going. I mean, Spicoli is classic, but Damone gets a bad rap. It’s not his fault that Rattner can’t tell the difference between Zepplin IV and Physical Graffiti. Your Mama’s alright, your Daddy’s alright . . . (if it’s been awhile feel free to revisit Ridgemont High, it’ll be worth it, I promise)


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