Happy Birthday to Me

“I was having a good sleep in my car / in the parking lot of the Showboat Casino Hotel . . .”

So goes the Cracker song. Kind of sums up how I’m feeling about this latest b-day. The sleep is good, as good as car-sleep can be. The casino is, well, a casino–like sex and pizza, no casino is all bad. But it is the Showboat. 37. 37’s a strange number. That’s late-thirties.It’s not that I feel old–though the creaks have increased–it’s been more of a lack of focus thing lately.

On another note, the morning news just reported a study that said that men who have sex twice a week are 40% less likely to have heart disease, as compared to those who have sex once a month. Apparently 1000 men were in the study, though they didn’t study whether this had a similar effect on women.

So, they didn’t even bother to test the women participating in the same test, even though they were participating in the test?? Typical. Giving us a bad name. Way to go male scientists. Cure for breast cancer?–not yet. Multiple boner-pill brands?–apparently so. Cure for male pattern baldness?–allegedly.



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