Lit Mags that Don’t Suck

Don’t get me wrong, I like Lit Mags, especially the ones that take my work. And there are a lot of Lit Mags that don’t suck. Some, however, are much better at not sucking than others. Those are the ones I am interested in talking about. I’ll do just that right here, in completely irregular installments. This is the first.


An unabashed online journal, The Offending Adam boasts a uniqueness among Lit Mags. Now most Lit Mags boast that; it’s the standard calling card. Now I won’t pretend to pin a “uniqueness” quotient on them, but their claims seem to hold water. The Eds. state via editorial statement, “What makes The Offending Adam unique, beyond our embrace of the online medium, is an emphasis on the relationship between contributor, journal, and reader . . . a dynamic process between contributor and editor resulting in a publication accompanied by an editorial statement.”

The concept of editorial statement, that at once brings together the work itself, a championing by the editors (I really like how they seem to be standing behind what they are publishing), and a critical component is a nice touch, as is the weekly format–between the weekly and the web, you can envision quite a lot of “foot” traffic after awhile.

It’s brand new–they hit the ground last week w/daily updates for their launch week–which means growing pains, but the content is excellent as is the concept–which can be dangerously hit or miss when dealing with online journals.

These fellas didn’t miss.


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