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Thanks to the folks at The Waywiser Press

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So I didn’t win the 2009 Anthony Hecht Prize for my manuscript Etch and Blur. Bummer. But I was shortlisted, and the folks at The Waywiser Press are doing a pretty cool thing (actually a couple)–they’ve included a couple of poems from the Finalists and Semi-Finalists on dedicated pages on their website. Pretty effin’ cool.

There’s also an anthology on the works for sometime in 2011. Also very cool.

Anyway, here’s the link to the poems of mine, “Towing Water to Australia” and “ACME Love Poem” on Waywiser’s website.

(“Towing Water to Australia” first appeared in RHINO & “ACME Love Poem” first appeared as part of The Missouri Review’s Poem of the Week series online.)


Some Great Advice to Writers–in ALL-FKN-CAPS

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Barrelhouse Magazine, a worthy read in its own right, just passed along a memo somebody found, written by David Mamet (O He of the divinely foul-mouthed-repertoire), full of advice to TV writers.

David Mamet takes you to school – [link here]

It’s phenomenal. Writers (All, not just TV) take heed. Mamet has spoken, very loudly (cyberly speaking) and very clearly.

I could listen to (or in this case READ) Mamet say “Crock of Shit” all day long. Absofuckinglutely Priceless.

You Should be Able to Get Back to Me . . .

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in less than 8 months. You know who you are, Lit Mag that doesn’t like simultaneous submissions, electronic submissions (that are “Destroyed Pronto”), or timeliness.

You run a great Mag–unusually tall and slender, full of some really smart poetry–but your slush pile is not that big. I get it, a certain looseness with time and its forward momentum, but c’mon, 8 months?–that’s 240 days give or take. You can form reject us quicker than that.

Give it a try sometime, I know you con-do-it

(Resist bad pun, resist bad pun, too late)