Some New Work @ The Offending Adam

Okay all of you Skype-babies of the all-devouring interwebs, I’ve got some new poems up at this little online journal The Offending Adam. To be real real honest in a what-the-hell-do-you-care-but-I’m-gonna-confess-it-anyway sort of way, I have always been a little leery of the online medium; it has always felt so non-permanent; I can’t hold the contrib. copies (though I guess I could pace the house with my laptop cradled in my arms)–Easy come Easy go–but it has obviously become more and more prevailing, and, more importantly, there are those who are doing it right . . .

The Offending Adam is doing it damn-straight right. I love the format and the philosophy and am highly honored to grace their “pages.”

So check it out, all you twittering facebookers–“Dialogue in the Suburbs” and “Demolition Fable”


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