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Not Sure What This Has to Do With Poetry . . .

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except that it is, pure poetry that is. I know, blasphemy, I’m saying that about a television commercial, and as we all know most of the advertising media is full of the lowest-common-denominator manipulation of our hopes dreams fears, operating on base emotions, with little to no creativity in sight yet masquerading as a creative medium–like a mirage of an oasis far off a blinking through the blinding and searing heat of a vast sandy wasteland and when you get close–all parch-mouthed and sand-eyed and dizzy and you stumble forward to drink it’s dirt and not cool water that burns your nose and throat . . .

and then I come across something like this:

I’m not even a fan of Kevin Bacon; most of the movies I like that he’s in, the correlation is coincidence. But someone had the perfect blend of sense of humor and the vision to know that KB must also have that kind of a sense of humor, and I end up thinking that we take ourselves too seriously most of the time, except this IS NOT one of those times and it gives me hope. yes, I said it, H.O.P.E hope.