The Michigan Poet

I am a Michigan Poet, in that I am a poet and I am from and currently spend my time in Michigan (for better or worse). So it makes sense that my work might be featured here. I sent them work not so much b/c I fit the criteria of the project, but b/c I think it is a very cool project and I wanted to be a part of it.

The Michigan Poet, like many other “lit mags” or outlets for Lit, is embracing our online virtual-constant-ness–our penchant for being plugged in. However, they are also interested in community, creating broadsides of a single featured poet per/month and plastering them all over Michigan, and in places off the beaten-poetry-path: in businesses, schools, etc. There is something so 1960s (in a very good way)–or 1760s for that matter–about posterizing/pamphleting towns in service of spreading the word to the masses; in this case the word is “poetry.”

For a taste of what they do, follow this link. I’ve got work up there for The Michigan Poet‘s first anniversary double issue–click the pics once you arrive.


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