Update on the Progress of Etch and Blur

Things are moving forward nicely on the new poetry collection. I just sent off the Final (final final, I swear) revisions to Brick Road Poetry Press. Added one poem and subtracted one poem. Hopefully the added poem I shuffled in there will stay “shuffled in there.” It’s a decent poem (and a much better fit to how the manuscript shaped up), so it should be no problem.

Also been working on cover images. A very good situation, in that I’ve got some input into the cover of my book. But it is also a bit daunting. I’ve got a few mocks done up and a few images I’ll be sharing with Brick Road. It is starting to get moving toward an actual, live, hold-in-your-hands book.

Author photo: now there’s something that hasn’t been quite as fun. Nothing like taking a bunch of photos, combing through them, looking for the one that makes you look less like a jackass. hee haw . . .

And last but not least . . . Etch and Blur is ready for pre-order, on Brick Road Poetry Presses website. They’ve got a really cool promotion going that gets you free shipping, as well as a chance to get current Brick Road titles at half off. So all you poetry enthusiasts head to Brick Road Poetry Press and check it out. They have some good  books out right now, like M. Ayodele Heath‘s debut collection Otherness.

Here is some video of his book release reading in Atlanta–Heath is a helluva poet, well worth checking out.


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