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Hecht Prize Anthology – Coming in November

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I just got done proofing the two poems of mine that will be included in the Hecht Prize Anthology (2005-2009). Waywiser Press decided that they would release an anthology of poems from poets who were Finalists for the Anthony Hecht Prize over the first 5 years the book prize has existed.

I was twice a finalist/semi-finalist for The Anthony Hecht Prize for my manuscript Etch and Blur (which will be published by Brick Road Poetry Press this Fall), and the Eds. were cool enough to include my work in this boss anthology.

I am extremely flattered to appear next to so many talented poets. Waywiser Press does a very god job promoting poets’ work–even those who advance but don’t win their book prize–each year including selection from finalists on their website, along with biographical material. It’s a nice touch for sure.

The Hecht Prize Anthology is due out in November, and, as I said, it is busting its seams with killer poems by killer poets. Everything kills you these days, but this anthology kills you with lines and verses.