The Novice is the blog-type-thing of one (better than two) Jamie Thomas (a Jamie Thomas who prefers poetry to professional skateboarding (not that there’s anything wrong with that (either poetry OR skateboarding (there’s just another, more-well-known professional Sk8er Jamie Thomas (aka the chief  (famous for The Leap of Faith)))))).

Subject matter will be  secondary to all things related to the current “now”–Jamie likes to talk outloud and seems to be missing a crucial filter or two–possibly but not limited to things of a critical, literary, musical, creative, unfounded, uncorroborated and blowhard nature. Or possibly just nature: Bonsais, the man in West Seattle who was walking a miniature pony on a leash, thunderstorms, Gladiolas, the sublime, etc.

The only organizing principle will be that the views expressed will represent one Jamie Thomas and only one (at a time).

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