Jamie Thomas  is a writer, musician, and professor with advanced degrees from advanced-degree-awarding institutions. He’s published poetry where the poetry goes, music on CDs (some people still refer to them as albums), and journalism where it does and does not belong. His first collection of poems, Etch and Blur,  was recently published through Brick Road Poetry Press.

He likes: things that are funny (in both a HA-HA  and a “Funny how” Joe Pesci sort of way), families (He guesses he better–2 kids and 1 wonderful wife later), sports & art (yes, they can coexist, some jocks like still-life’s with flowers), bourbon–cheap or pricey, Gibson Les Pauls.

He believes that Irony (with a cap-it-al EYE) is not dead (no matter what Alanis Morrisette tried to strangle it with).

He prefers Bones over Henry. Coke over Pepsi. Koch over Robert Lowell. Spicoli over Damone.

For better or worse he currently calls Detroit  home.

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