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Poison Pen Reading Series vs. Every Other Reading Series in the USofA [Hint: It’s the Best reading series west of the Mississippi (or east for that matter)]

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I want to say Happy Birthday to the Poison Pen Reading Series in Houston TX. They turned 6yrs old yesterday, and I got to read at their birthday celebration, along with Miah Arnold and ZZ Packer.

Miah and ZZ brought the house down (which was to be expected). And I had an absolute blast reading between them . . . but what I really marvel at is a reading series like Poison Pen. No joke, it is my favorite place to read in all the world. The Poison Girl–the bar that hosts the series on the last Thursday of each month– has a bourbon selection to rival all others, and is cool in all the ways you want your bar to be: cool people, cool wall of pinball, cool garden patio.

The readings are what readings should be. There’s no cheese plates, there’s more Lone Star than Pinot Noir, there’s a giant Kool-Aid Man statue adorning the corner of the “stage.” And the crowd is full of people who honestly just like to read, and hear things read at them. Yes, many of the people at the readings are University of Houston Writing Program students, faculty, alumni, but that is a small part of the nearly 100 in attendance last night–the majority are locals who like literature and booze, more often than not at the same time.

So, thanks to David MacLean, Greg Oaks, Casey Fleming and Scott Repass for supporting good poems and good stories . . . here’s to another 6 years . . . and another.


Added Some Music to the MUSIC page

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I added a couple of links to the MUSIC page, from two of the bands that I played in–Slow Drag and The Landlords.

A song from The Landlords album Meet the Landlords – 20 Miles a Day on Foot.

A video we shot in Grand Rapids for the song Texas Declares War on Your Behalf.


A Reading I’ve got coming up in April

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A Reading I’ve got coming up in April

Me and badass poet (and cool lit mag monger) Glenn Shaheen will be reading in April at Literary Life Bookstore in Grand Rapids. Check it.

Put Down the Ratchet and Walk Away

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I think you can take a manuscript and keep tightening it . . . and keep tightening it . . . and keep . . . until you squeeze the life out of it/smother it/shovel ash over it/piss on the fire. I’m going to stop ratcheting down on it now. And I’m going to stop mixing my metaphors. For awhile.

Or maybe I’ll just jockey a couple of poems around one more time/shave the length/take it to the mechanics i mean the doctors I mean the surgeon, the tree surgeon, the fixer, the baker, the candlestick maker.

Shutting up now. For real. This is me shutting up.


New South

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New South–another Lit Mag that does not suck.

Run out of the graduate program at Georgia State University. Editor-in-chief is James May. James May went to University of Houston with a certain Novice/Apprentice. James knows good bourbon when he comes across it. James knows that Gardettos make a helluva poker snack, much better than mini-carrots. He knows good Literature too.

The magazine hasn’t been around that long as New South, but it gets widely good work. It is New (ish) and resides in the South; however this isn’t a niche Mag. There is no shtick, no specialty work going on here–just good writing by good writers.