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You Should be Able to Get Back to Me . . .

Posted in Lit Mags, poetry, Stuff I assume other people care about with tags , , on 2010/03/17 by jamiejthomas

in less than 8 months. You know who you are, Lit Mag that doesn’t like simultaneous submissions, electronic submissions (that are “Destroyed Pronto”), or timeliness.

You run a great Mag–unusually tall and slender, full of some really smart poetry–but your slush pile is not that big. I get it, a certain looseness with time and its forward momentum, but c’mon, 8 months?–that’s 240 days give or take. You can form reject us quicker than that.

Give it a try sometime, I know you con-do-it

(Resist bad pun, resist bad pun, too late)